She BD Insight

She BD was created from a combined passion for Cannabis & Holistic methods.

As a Working Woman/Mother I was no stranger to long nights, aches & pains, monthly blues, anxiety & the over excessive need to just RELAX!. I had used Hemp products in the past but only in the last two years researched CBD further for its health benefits. My 10 years in the Healthcare Industry allowed me to see first hand people in pain & also experiencing stress & anxiety from sitting behind a screen for hours. I spoke to a handful of Women who had either suffered from chronic pain or insomnia & anxiety. When it came to pain, the ladies had always used prescribed medicines, the ones who suffered from insomnia & anxiety hadn't yet found something that helped. I could relate. Whether it be because I had experienced pain with little to no relief or because i suffered from anxiety, WE had something in common. We were women who wanted holistic pain relief, anxiety settlers & a GOOD rest!


January 2022, after being in a car accident, sustaining injury to my neck & back, I was prescribed a load of meds. I'd never been a fan of pharmacy drugs & I decided I would opt out of taking my prescription and try the holistic method as per but this time as a mini experiment. I found my pain eased up when i used the Bath Dust & I was alot more calmer when i used the CBD Oil/Gummies. Tasks i'd usually panic to do, i was more relaxed doing. The Oil also assisted with pain relief for my sore ankles after being on my feet for a number of hours. I also experienced some of the best sleeps of my life. (No exaggeration).


We as women go through so much. From period pain as a teenager leading all the way to menopause at an older age. With or without child, employed or unemployed we as Women deserve to be catered to & have our needs met. She BD Co aims to promote Holistic Wellness but also build a brand that encourages Women, to get in touch with themselves & that Self Care & Self Love will save us every time! 


Launching a business in the Cannabis Culture is exciting because i am growing in something new, but adding to the Female Community with Holistic methods that i believe will change at least one persons life; that’s a whole different feeling. 

In conclusion I wanted to share my knowledge & love for the good cannabis CBD but also learn along the way. I know through this brand I will be able to do just that!